Our values

Jack and Colin have been in the care sector as business operators for many years. We have always believed and practised that good businesses are successful only after they have delivered consistent, high quality services that meet and exceed service users’ needs and expectations.

Our first and primary focus is on achieving the outcomes that are agreed at the beginning and during our relationship and as set out in the Individual Service Plan (ISP). We really do ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that we achieve these aims.

Therefore, our values set out the behaviours we expect all our employees to show to one another when supporting you as one of our Service Users. Our values are at the very centre of what we all do and define who we are both as individuals and as a Provider/ Training Organisation.

Our values are more than just words; they are the bedrock of our organisation and should remain constant in every situation. We seek to live by our values so we can create a positive, trusting, supportive atmosphere enabling us to always deliver an exceptional quality of care.

We have high standards for all our employees, we believe that we should always act with professionalism, integrity, compassion, empathy, understanding, showing dignity and respect to colleagues, service users and families from all groups or backgrounds. We hope as a service user or relative you will be able to see us live these values in how we communicate, behave, work and support, we would want them to be apparent in every interaction we have with you.

The five core values we live by are:

Being Caring and Compassionate

To demonstrate we are working in line with this value we will:

  • Use every opportunity to show care and compassion
  • Have ‘I’m here to help’ frame of mind
  • Try to understand what it is like to be in your shoes
  • Be honest
  • Give you the time and opportunity to express how you feel
  • Take action to help make things better
  • Provide you with information as a way of reducing the fear of the unknown
  • Provide feedback to explain what has happened if things go wrong
  • Be welcoming and friendly at all times

Recognising Individuality

To demonstrate we are working in line with this value we will:

  • Listen to you in order to understand your views
  • Ask you how you feel about your services from us
  • Seek to understand your needs so we can provide you with the most appropriate support
  • Check that you understand what we have said and provide you with a more simple explanation if need be
  • Be self-aware, understanding the impact our behaviour has on you and your relatives
  • Give feedback in a sensitive yet constructive manner
  • Be respectful of all

Seeking to Involve

To demonstrate we are working in line with this value we will:

  • Ask you for your opinion, making you feel equal in any conversation
  • Address you and not talk in front of you as though you are not there
  • Use a communication style that emphasises listening over lecturing
  • Seek to involve other colleagues, in order to provide you with the right level of expertise and determine what approach would be the best for you
  • Give thanks and value all contributions regardless of who makes it
  • Offer to get involved rather than waiting to be asked
  • Explain why, so you can understand the reasons for the decision and what it means for you

Taking Personal Responsibility

To demonstrate we are working in line with this value we will:

  • Welcome constructive feedback then take steps to make changes in line with the feedback received
  • Reflect on our own behaviour/performance identifying what could be improved
  • Take a problem solving approach to challenges, issues or difficulties
  • Propose solutions to resolve problems or processes that are not working
  • Take issues on as they arise, rather than pretending we haven’t noticed them in the hope someone else will sort it out
  • Recognise that each of us is responsible for our own deeds, actions and language used
  • Apologise for mistakes made and seek to put things right
  • Be concerned when things are ‘not right’

Building Team Spirit

To demonstrate we are working in line with this value we will:

  • Work as one joined up team towards a common goal – providing you with high quality support
  • Do what it takes to provide a high quality service by stepping outside of our ‘normal’ job roles if necessary to smooth out problem areas
  • Take a shared approach to your care by effectively communicating across the team, ensuring colleagues have the information they need to understand your situation and to prevent you from having to repeat information
  • Make use of each other’s’ strengths, using colleagues’ skills and knowledge to provide the best possible service
  • All work to the same standards providing a seamless service regardless of the situation, time of day and who is involved
  • Be courteous and polite
  • Challenge colleagues in an appropriate manner if standards are not being met or values are not being ‘lived’

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