Training & Assessment

Optima Health and Social Care Ltd provides training services to external organisations /people who may require assessment of support worker/carer’s clinical skills to safely meet the needs of the service user in line with current good practice / guidelines.

Examples of this maybe:

An individual; who manages their own support team under a Personal / Health Budget.
Brokers assisting people manage their own Personal/Health Budget
Local NHS CCG’s who wish to oversee the safety and competency of PA’s or CSWs
A family member / regular carer wishing to ensure they are still ‘competent & safe’ to support the individual
Education settings providing on-site support for individuals in their settings
Health Care Professionals wishing to ‘up-skill’ their practice
Health & Social Care Providers who require external training assistance

As a competency base for this service we reference various sources of data and research from NICE, NMC as well as local clinical guidelines from various specialist acute/hospital settings, etc.  In other words all our Support Worker clinical skills competency assessments are evidence based.

We supply all reading and assessment materials for workers/learners to ensure they have the knowledge to be able to perform and demonstrate the skills through direct observation, question and answering and written ‘learning logs’. Once assessed as being competent and confident to support an individual’s particular needs they will be ‘signed off’ and issued with a Clinical Skills Competency Certificate which will be valid for up to 1 year.

If you require more information about this service then please contact our Head Office to request a copy of our Clinical Skills Training – Service Specification.

For more information call 0161 441 4630 or email