What we do

Optima Health and Social Care Ltd was formed and registered with CQC in 2009 and under the previous name of Courtyard Care Plus.

Our aim is to provide children, young people and adults with high quality, person focused and reliable support services to enable them to either return home from hospital or residential care or to remain at home as a real and positive option.

Therefore, as we recognise that as our expertise lies in supporting people with complex medical/health needs and ensuring we are able to consistently and reliably deliver the support services required to meet the individual’s needs and desired outcomes, we wanted to offer this as a Community Home Care Service.

This means we recruit Community Support Workers (CSWs) specifically for each individual service user and match their skills, experience, personalities and qualifications to the particular needs, wishes and ambitions of the service user and their parents / regular care givers.

We are able to provide all our services under a range of funding agreements:

  1. Children’s Social Care commissioned
  2. NHS – CCG Commissioned
  3. Privately funded by service user
  4. Personalised Health Budget (at varying levels)
  5. Personal Care Budget

We provide services across the North of England and have offices in Manchester and Liverpool.  We deliver a range of support packages across this region. We are also able to provide services further afield as our business model is based upon individualised support and not a ‘high volume hours’ model.

As improvements in technology help us keep in touch with our service users and Community Support Workers, we are able to safely offer and manage services outside of the North West of England.

All our employees enjoy fixed hour and permanent employment contracts. As a result we offer our services in assignments of no less than 5 hours on each occasion. This approach ensures we have reliable and committed employees which results in sustainable delivery of our support services and continued organic growth.  The stronger our relationships with our employees is the stronger our services become with our service users and budget holders / commissioners of our services.

For more information call 0161 441 4630 or email admin@optimahsc.com